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Chapter Member Spotlight 

Name: Virginia Christine Bell Lawson
Hometown: South Hill, Virginia 

Graduated VSU: Class of 1961
Degree: Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education (Virginia State College) 

First job after college: Assistant to the Director, Office of Student Employment and Graduate Placement, Howard University

Last position held: Confidential Executive Assistant to the Director, George Meany Center for Labor Studies, Silver Spring, MD

How long have you been active with the Chapter: I have been active with the Chapter for more than 26 years.

What positions have you held within the Chapter: I served as Chapter Treasurer for 12 years. I have also served on various committees to include serving as Chair, Scholarship Committee and Co-Chair, Raffle Committee. I am also the liason between the Chapter and the George Meany Center regarding our meeting space.

Professional Memberships/Community Involvement: Member of The People's Community Baptist Church; the Snowden's Mill Homeowners Association (Silver Spring, MD); and the AFL-CIO Retirees Association.

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