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Book Scholarships

Book-scholarshipAccording to a Government Accountability Office study, the prices for college textbooks have risen at double the rate of inflation for the past two decades. Each semester many students across the country are left to make a very important decision at their campus bookstore – buy their college textbooks or take a chance and not buy them. In Virginia, more than 40 percent of students surveyed by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia said they sometimes opt to do without buying their textbooks because of their high cost.

In response to this, the Chapter is committed to raising funds to assist in alleviating some of the financial burden associated with the high costs of college textbooks for VSU students who are from Washington, DC metropolitan area. For this reason, the Chapter's Book Scholarship program was established to target entering VSU freshman and those matriculating at the University who lack the funds to purchase their textbooks.

Each year, the Chapter strives to fund a total of four scholarships in the award amount of $500.00.  Our funding efforts are rendered in part from proceeds from our annual chapter fundraising events, annual membership dues, and individual contributions. However, our goal is to raise funds to purchase books for an entire year for selected students, and to have our book scholarship program become self-sustaining.