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Century Club Membership 

Century Club Membership is a unique membership level offered only by the Washington, DC Chapter. Membership is open to all Annual, Associate, and/or Life Members within the Chapter that would like to join. 
Century Club members play a very important role in the Chapter's efforts to provide financial support back to Virginia State University. These members are very special to the Chapter as they "go the extra mile" to help build the Chapter's Endowment Fund by providing a $50.00 donation over and above the Chapter's annual membership dues

Becoming a Century Club member is a great way to say "I love VSU!" and an even better way to make a personal investment into the future of the University through the Chapter. It also proves that no level of support is too small and, when combined with others, can make a tremendous impact.  If you are interested in joining the Century Club, simply indicate your desire on the membership application form and include the extra $50 donation when you submit your membership payment. It's that simple! 

Century Club Membership Payment Structure (per year)

  • Annual & Associate Members:            $60 annual dues + $50.00 =  $110.00 per year 
  • Life Members:                                      $30 annual dues + $50.00 =  $  80.00 per year