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Annual Membership

invite you to join or renew your membership as an Annual Member today!  Annual membership within the Alumni Association is designated for those who graduated from Virginia State University, or any of its previous designations. 
Chapter Membership Dues is $60 per year.*
($30 of your $60 membership
goes directly to pay your Virginia State Univeristy Alumni Association National dues while the remainder stays with the Chapter). 


Membership Benefits

As an annual member within the Washington, DC Chapter, you will enjoy membership benefits that include:

  • Virginia State University Alumni Association Membership Card
  • Connection to the National Alumni Association
  • Eligibility to become a National Alumni Association Board Member
  • Leadership Opportunities within the Chapter
  • Voting privileges in Chapter elections
  • Full access to the Chapter's membership directory
  • Full access to the Member's Only Section on the Chapter's Website
  • Quarterly Chapter Newsletter mailed to your home
  • Regular opportunities for social fellowship
  • E-mail notices via the Chapter’s private e-mail listserv
  • Telephonic notices via the Chapter’s telephone messaging system

Annual membership is annual. The membership year begins July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year, as the Chapter follows Virginia State University Alumni Association's fiscal year for membership dues. After June 30th of each year, chapter members must renew their membership status. Membership applications received after March 31st of any year will be processed for the following membership year, which begins on July 1st.