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Becoming a Life Member provides you the opportunity to make a lifetime membership commitment back to the Virginia State University Alumni Association. It is one of the most rewarding investments that you can ever make. All payments are invested through the Alumni Association to ensure that the support you show as a Life Member today can be fulfilled in the years to come.

Benefits to Becoming a
Life Member

  • Save Money
    The cost of life membership is lower over the long term. Pay once and never pay national dues again!

  • Alumni Pride
    A life membership to the Virginia State University Alumni Association ensures that you will always remain connected and is one of the best ways to show your loyalty and support.

  • Join the ranks of a loyal group of VSU supporters
    Join a loyal group of Alumni Association life members who show their loyalty and support to Virginia State University through the Alumni Association!

  • Receive recognition on this website and the National Alumni Association website

  • Proudly display your Life Membership Status
    Life members receive a Life membership Card, Lapel Pin, and a certificate for all to see the pride and commitment they have for the Alumni Association and the University.

Chapter members who wish to become life members can do so by paying a one-time membership contribution of $750 . This life membership fee can also be paid in installments, spread out over three years. All payments must be made directly through the Chapter using any of the three payment options below:

  • One-time payment: $750
  • Installment plan 1:Installments of (3) payments of $250
  • Installment plan 2:Installments of (6) payments of $125

If you choose one of the two installment plans shown above, you may pay off the balance at any time; however, the final balance must be paid off within the third year of the anniversary of the initial payment. The life membership designation only becomes effective upon receipt of your final payment and until such time you will be considered a subscribing life member.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Member, simply indicate your desire on the membership application form. It's that simple!